What Students Receive

  • One hundred (100) hours of tuition per Module, as well as one-to-one work with an advisor;
  • An advisor’s written and verbal feedback on projects, assignments, and assessments;
  • Peer and group feedback in class sessions; as well as individual time for exploration and discovery during studio hours;
  • Learning in a group environment with a high teacher to student ratio;
  • 500 total hours in professional training in Movement Analysis and BodyMind Practice™;
  • Hands-on re-patterning practice and training in Bartenieff Fundamentals; as well as developmental elements of Body-Mind Centering®;
  • Training in comprehensive movement and language skills used in dance, theatre, performance, movement research, teaching, clinical work, and dance movement therapy;
  • An LSSI™ Certificate in Laban Movement Analysis and BodyMind Practice
  • A LIMS® Certificate of Completion for each successfully completed one hundred (100) hour module, and
  • A LIMS Certificate in Laban Studies (CMA) upon successful completion of all five (5) modules;
  • With all five modules, fulfillment of course requirements with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA), for registration as a Somatic Movement Therapist or Educator

For more information contact: Janet Kaylo, Founder/Director Laban/Bartenieff and Somatic Studies International/Canada.

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