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Laban/Bartenieff and Somatic Studies Canada™ (LSSC) in affiliation with the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS®) present a Laban Movement Analysis Certificate Program (with the award of CMA), in Modular Format.

Module Two: Qualities of Shape and Relationship

JUNE 5-19, 2009


The second module includes deepening and elaborating the use of Shape in BESS: in communication, movement expression and interaction in the Performing Arts and therapeutic work, and overall ‘body-forming’ in relationship to oneself and one's environment. It includes the development of self-awareness in one's expression of identity, intention, and qualitative involvement with others. This module cultivates a rich ground for refining personal movement patterns into larger social, performing, and other environmental contexts, as we discover Shape as an overall container for our relational expression and experience of movement with others. Through the Module’s unfolding, we become sensitive to our deeply ingrained patterns of Phrasing in Shape, as well as Qualities of Shape we respond to, inhibit or utilize.  Shape reveals our experience of ‘place’, and significant elements of our cognitive process, within the vast realm of nonverbal communication.  Included in this Module is Shape as understood in the Kestenberg Movement Profile, and in Warren Lamb’s Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA).

Module Three: Effort Qualities in Human Expression

August 4-18, 2009


The third module includes an experiential and theoretical, in-depth focus on Laban's concept of Effort, or movement dynamics, and its qualitative coloring of all movement. This module also includes aspects of Modes of Shape; the elastic continuum of Effort Factors and Elements, Rhythm and Phrasing, States and Drives--in application to performance, presentation, and identifying patterns of individual expressive and communication styles. Work in this module will develop the participants’ range of dynamic expressive potential, as well as enhance the ability to recognise and respond to 'feeling' quality in movement. Laban's Effort concepts have been drawn upon for decades in theatre training, dance movement therapy practice and training, creative movement, dance education, and for developing one's ability to put inner states into outer expression.

Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, 6450 Deer Lake Avenue, Deer Lake Park Burnaby, B.C. (minutes outside of Vancouver)

Module FourChoreutic Space and the Integration of Shape - December 4-18, 2009
Module FiveIntegrating and a Final Application Project - June 2-15, 2010


For pre-requisite introductory courses in Toronto contact nadine.saxton@gmail.com.  (In Halifax, contact barratt.susan@gmail.com)

Toronto Program

Module One - December 2011

For information on application and enrolment in any of our programs, contact jkaylo@labancan.org.

Our Modular Program provides in-depth study and practice in utilising Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals(SM) (LMA/BF) as a framework for movement analysis; while deepening perception of movement experience, movement vocabulary and understanding of non-verbal communication. Through the series of Five Modules, you will develop refined movement skills in observation and practice within each of the categories of Body/Effort/Shape/Space, as well as gain the ability to use a codified system of movement analysis when working with others, analysing your own work, staging/choreographing, communicating non-verbally, writing about or researching movement. You will develop greater anatomical efficiency and technical mastery through movement re-patterning, while significantly expanding the range of your individual expressivity.  Through this course of training and study, you will uncover your individual perceptual biases in communicating and understanding movement as art and as lived experience – in teaching, performance, clinical and somatic practice, and in everyday life.

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