About LSSC

In 1993-1994, Peter Madden and Janet Kaylo worked to create a new CMA-syllabus, which positioned Shape and Relationship as the over-arching analytic framework contextualizing perception and observation in Laban Movement Analysis.  As a syllabus created for presentation by the Dance Department in l’Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM), this program inaugurated the first LIMS® Certificate in Laban Movement Studies in Canada. The program success initiated UQAM’s founding a Center for Movement Studies, which continues to promote Laban Movement Analysis as an option in the MA in Dance Studies, and as a Diploma in Expressive Movement Analysis.  Unfortunately, Peter Madden passed away shortly after UQAM’s integration of LMA, and thus was not able to contribute to the development of subsequent programs in Canada. CMA graduates from this program, however, continued to expand the use of LMA in their professional fields in Canada.

Nearly ten years later, Janet Kaylo returned to Canada to offer a 2nd CMA program, in Toronto, hosted by the Dance Department at York University.  After a decade of pioneering LMA/BF applications in professional dance training and dance movement therapy programs in England and Europe, Janet designed this second program with international educational perspectives and values, and a focus on recruiting from an international student body.  The presence of experienced core faculty in Toronto supported establishing a solid base for current and future program development in Canada.

In 2004, LSSC was founded to formalise the commitment to developing and providing international, Laban/Bartenieff professional training programs throughout Canada. As appropriate to the diverse cultural backdrop of both Toronto and Vancouver, our programs include culturally diverse professionals, drawn from fields of dance, theatre, somatics, landscape architecture and design, dance movement therapy, Yoga, Pilates, NIA, and other communities dedicated to the integration of movement into the center of life experience.

In 2005, Janet designed the first thematic Modular framework for CMA training to achieve greater international student flexibility. In 2006, LSSC began with the 3rd Canadian cohort at Ryerson University in Toronto, with students from countries around the world, including Australia, Hong Kong, Lebanon, and Guatemala—in addition to Canada and the US. In 2008, LSSC began its first Modular Program in Vancouver, BC, with students from across Canada, the US, and the UK. In 2010, LSSC ran its first introductory Module 1 in Montreal, Quebec.

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